Landscape Architecture + Urban Forms

Conceptual design of land use and slope castle grounds in Warsaw between the bridges Silesian-Dabrowski and the Gdanski

The project made in cooperation with Arch. Joanna Kwiecińska

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Development concept for the Konopnicka Square in Suwalki

In cooperation with APA M & K Architects The main assumptions of management in the Konopnicka Square in Suwałki was to create a town square designed in such a way as to how it best serve tourists and residents as public place, general use, appealing to all ages – available at all times of day […]

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Concept of development Supraśl river banks from Wasilków to Nowodworce (Białystok – Poland)

length – 3,5 km MAIN ELEMENTS OF THE PROGRAM: boulevard, city park, waterhouse, a marina, underground passage, floating island, a sports complex, a footbridge over the river Competition project – distinction.

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